Aquafest volunteers


Aquafest 2013 - August 9, 10 & 11

Thank you to all the speakers, musicians, exhibitors, volunteers and sponsors for making Aquafest 2013 a great success. 
We could not have done it without you. 
We hope our message of water conservation reached the many people who enjoyed Aquafest activities throughout the weekend.

You can read the Aquafest 2013 Final Report on the Program page.

2013 Art Contest
The winning artwork can now be viewed on the Art Contest page

Art Contest judges
Anne Thorton, Teresa Marie, Sharon Callan, event organizer and Barry Richman

Hamilton Apartment Search: Getting The Best From The Rest

Hamilton has a high population and getting a place that meets your requirements to live may not be an easy task. You may have to dig deep and do some research on the apartments. But below are some important points you should consider if you want top apartments in Hamilton.

Firstly, the apartment should have enough room for you to move around. It should have adequate bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room for the members of the whole family as well as your guests. No one should be sleeping in the living room, dining room or kitchen because it simply isn't appropriate even for guests.

There should be at least one reserved parking space for every rented apartment. This is a great convenience for its residents especially since they will need it every time. Having a reserved parking space especially if near the apartment enables you to keep an eye on your vehicle to make sure it is safe.

Hamilton has an indisputable artistic legacy so you will think that any place would be a good choice. If you are not into visiting the most famous places in Ontario and you just want to enjoy walking around the town, then this probably will work for you. However, for most of the visitors, experiencing live entertainments and annual shows is one thing they would not dare to miss. Therefore, finding apartments in Hamilton that are a few minutes away from the metropolitan center is important. Nearby hospitals, market, or other important establishments should also be accessible to your chosen place.

Services offered
Apartments, villas, and houses in Hamilton are handled by agents or sometimes owners of the house. They have different amenities provided to their clients. Some of them offer a tour of the city, extra activities, and more. You can find out the type of services being offered by doing your research or asking those who have been there before. You can gather a lot if you get information from the locals. Also ensure that the amenities are inclusive of the price of the apartment.

It is also important that you consider the neighborhood before you can settle for a single apartment in Hamilton. You may have a classic, unique and spacious apartment but your security may be at stake. This is why it is important to ask around about the reputation of the neighborhood before moving in.

2013 Aquafest Photo Contest Winners
Thank you for all the amazing entries for the Aquafest Photo Contest  and sale
Click on Photo to see larger image

First: Lynn Wilbur: Enjoying the View
Second: Dave Sheppard: Silhouettes on Lake Huron
Third: Telfer Wegg: Steeltown
People’s Choice: Tom Stewart

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